Party Foods

Mini Sandwiches

2" - $2.49 each
2-1/2" - $3.39 each

Soft french rolls filled with Black Forest Ham,

Turkey, Roast Beef and assorted cheese.

Made with mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato.

(Pickles, onions, and mustard available on the side.)

2" sandwiches can also be made with

white, wheat or rye bread.

Sandwiches are attractively arranged on covered, disposable trays.


Our own special recipes made from scratch daily.

Red Potato or Italian-style Pasta

$8.99 per lb.

So that we may accommodate you,

please order 48 hours in advance.

More  advance notice needed in the month of December.


Mini   Cookies

Made from scratch and baked fresh
throughout the day!
Cookies average 2.5 inches.
One Dozen - $12.99

Nut/Specialty cookies:

$16.79 per dozen

Gourmet cookies:


Cookies are boxed.

For tray arrangements add $5 per tray.

Pepperoni rolls

Discontinued till further notice 

A spicy stick of pepperoni baked inside

our own homemade bread.

Comes with pizza or ranch sauce for dipping.

May be served hot or at room temperature. 

A unique finger food that adds personality

to any party!

Pepperoni rolls are boxed.

For tray arrangements add $3 per tray.